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We understand the difficulties facing teens today and are dedicated to helping you and your peers voice your concerns. Instead of asking a room full of middle-age corporate executives how to get teens’ attention, we’re going straight to the source and asking for your help.

As a teen, you know what it takes to relate to your peers. We want your ideas, perspectives, and thoughts about how teens can cope with daily pressures, such as drinking, smoking, or doing drugs.

Currently, My PSA Contest and several sponsoring organizations are offering regional contests across the country. To find out if My PSA Contest is holding a contest in your area, enter your ZIP code in the box, click "GO!", and follow the directions. If a contest is not being held in your area, let us know and we might be able to change that!

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Arizona Bicyclists Not Allowed to Roll through Stops

admin March 6th, 2009

Today the Arizona House Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee voted against allowing cyclists to roll through stop signs when there is no traffic coming. Rep. Doug Quelland of Pheonix, an avid cyclist, supported the measure and even stood before the committee in his cycling gear when speaking about the importance of the measure. Quelland said that more cycling accidents are caused when cyclists have to start from a complete stop because they have less control.

Quelland also stated that Arizona law is confusing because while it requires cyclists to come to a complete halt at stop signs, it doesn’t specify what constitutes as complete stop. He argues that officers from the Tucson Police Department take this law too harshly and have ticketed cyclists $200 for not placing both feet on the ground before going through a stop sign.

Several other states, such as Idaho, allow cyclists to roll through stops if they don’t see any signs of traffic.

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Alcohol Ads Influence How Much Viewers Drink

admin March 4th, 2009

A recent study found a link between television shows, movies, and ads that show alcohol and the amount of alcohol young men consume. Researchers asked 40 male students to watch either American Pie 2, which shows a lot of alcohol use, or 40 Days and 40 Nights, which shows little alcohol consumption. Each student was asked to bring a friend to the study, and each pair was placed in separate rooms with a couch, TV, snacks, and beverages that included beer, wine, and soft drinks.

The students who watched American Pie 2 drank 1.5 times more alcohol than the students who watched 40 Days and 40 Nights.

Researchers said possible reasons why the students who watched American Pie 2 drank more alcohol are that people tend to imitate one another’s behavior, and seeing actors drink could have influenced the students to drink more. Also, researchers said having friends around could influence the students’ drinking habits.

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Maryland Underage Drunk Drivers May Face License Suspension

admin February 25th, 2009

Maryland lawmakers are considering a bill that would create harsher punishments for underage drinkers. Currently, Maryland’s law states that it’s illegal for teens to possess alcohol; however, if a teen has already consumed alcohol and doesn’t have a container, police can’t arrest that person.

Danielle Roeber with the National Transportation Safety Board says this weak law needs to be changed. She recommends adding a provision to the current law that results in the suspension of a teen’s driver license if he or she is caught driving while intoxicated.

Another bill currently under consideration asks that any adults who buys alcohol for a minor will be charged with a criminal offense.

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How to Choose a Bicycle Helmet

admin February 19th, 2009

Check out the following video about choosing a safe bike helmet. Steve Madden, the editor of Bicycling Magazine, gives a great explanation about the different types of helmets and how you can determine the best helmet for your needs.

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t forget about our bicycle safety PSA contest in North Carolina. Click here to learn more.

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HensonFuerst Announces PSA Contest

admin February 18th, 2009

My PSA Contest is excited to be teaming up with HensonFuerst in North Carolina to help host a video PSA contest about bicycle safety! The contest launched a few days ago and entries are due on Monday, April 13, 2009. All the details can be found at If anyone has questions, they’re welcome to email me at, just be sure to add my e-mail address your e-mail contact list so my reply doesn’t get lost in your junk folder.

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